(My) public helm charts

(My) public helm charts

While I started my project to setup an own (Home) Kubernetes cluster with a mixed-architecture (AMD64+ARM64), I realized that there are a lot of public helm charts around that do not satisfy my 2 basic needs of:

1. Deploying architecture independent images

2. Fullfil basic security settings (non-root, unprivileged, read-only containers)

Bitnami offers a lot of great charts, but these are mostly based on the Bitnami (x86/AMD64 only) Docker images. That's too bad.

Another alternative, the public stable helm chart repository, reached end of support and is not maintained anymore. It is referencing to the Artifact hub which itself is just an aggregator of various resources around the net.

Nothing was good enough. So I started to build own helm charts in parallel. These charts using the offical unmodified Docker images of various Open Source projects. Most of these images already support multiple architectures.

I registered my charts in Artifact Hub and you can find the sources also on GitHub.

Feel free to use them or contribute to my little project.