Remark42 - the better commenting system

Remark42 - the better commenting system

When I restarted this blog based on the Ghost blog software I was looking for a free self-hosted commenting system. I integrated Commento and used it for a while. But it's a pity that this software had no new releases since a year and the number of issues are raising. I also have problems to login as moderator from time to time and couldn't find a solution for it.

I started another research and found Remark42. After a bit of evaluation and playing around with it, I decided to give it a chance and wrote a helm chart to make the deployment in Kubernetes as easy as possible. I'm thrilled of Remark42!

Kudos to Umputun and his team for the effort and great work!

Remark42 offers a lot of configuration settings for all the possibilites it offers - f.e. notifications, voting, emojis etc. Be sure to read and understand it before you try it with the helm chart, which offers exactly the same configuration parameters.

Enjoy Remark42 and easy deployment on Kubernetes with this helm chart.